As a Host on Host.Games, you can effortlessly launch your online casino wherever you are in the world. The platform will allow simple hosting of all kinds of games like poker, fantasy sports, slots and roulette.

Anyone can host their casino with a click of a button.

Any Host will be able to invite players to their tables straight from their social networks.

The Host can set all the rules (barring some that are specific to the game) including edge and rake or even no rake in our social casino platform.

The multiple customization options available in each game allow the Host to configure games to the specification of their user base.

Hosts set up smart contracts according to their preferred gameplay rules.

The Host has the power to charge or not charge edge and smart contract options ensure that the game is fair, trustworthy, and transparent with easy and automatic settlement of funds.

This is the future of not just casino games but of all games.