The Virtual Game Items Industry Can Finally be Legitimized

Everything about gaming seems to be getting bigger and better. Every year, flashier graphics are combined with better physics engines, featuring more captivating stories and improved progression systems. However, this big-budget trend has meant the industry essentially survives on micro transactions and in-game item purchases.

Host Games is Transforming the Tradition of Online Gaming. Know how:

Gaming, one of the major industries on the globe, is ripe for advancement. In 2017, the igaming market was pegged at $47.7 billion, which is expected to hit $81 billion by 2022. Yet the industry is suffering from numerous inefficiencies caused by an outdated business models that no longer fulfil the needs of modern gamers.

A Marketplace for all Gaming Assets is a Game-Changer!

When the first ping-pong game was released by Atari, decades ago, its success marked the beginning of the modern video game industry. Who would have prophesied that gaming would move to the domain of teenagers on home consoles and would eventually find its way to a wider population through smartphones and tablets?

Should Blockchain Tech Be Mandatory For Casino Gaming?

The online casino gaming industry is flourishing with no sign of slowing down. With over 2.2 billion gamers spread across the globe

Host Games: Making the gaming ecosystem 'Provably Fair'

If you love playing poker, blackjack, roulette or any of those games then transparency is something you should take seriously.

If "The House Always Wins," Why Not Own The House?

Historically, owning your own casino came with a huge barrier to entry. The average person simply didn’t have it in their cards (pun intended).

Can Blockchain Keep Wagering Games Honest?

Running rigged systems where the code does not emulate real life odds is, for better or worse, the status quo of online casinos. Instances of rigged games are all too common.

Host.Games is transforming the future of fantasy sports. Here’s how

Fantasy sports is not a very old name in the list of growing industries, the term summarises the idea of people participating and earning money via online methodologies.

Why we need industry specific blockchain protocols

The meteoric rise of Bitcoin is a well-documented story and is often quoted by crypto-enthusiasts looking promote a decentralized ecosystem. From a financial speculation stand-point, the volatility of cryptocurrencies does offer the savvy investor some truly unprecedented gains, but the value of this emerging technology goes far beyond the financial markets.

Host Games is defining a new category for wagering games. Here’s how it works

Through decades video games have evolved in a variety of ways. As the market grows, pioneer developers continuously push the user experience to engage more users. However, one place where gaming still needs to establish its mark is the communities it fosters.

Jaron Lukasiewicz Joins Host Games Advisory Board

Former CEO of Coinsetter, and Cavirtex joins the Host Games advisory board.We are excited to announce that Jaron Lukasiewicz, a prominent name in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world, has joined Host Games’ advisory board.

Step by Step breakdown of Host Gaming ecosystem: dApps, development & more

We’re all excited about Host.Games and we know you’re on the same page. This post will deep dive into the depths of the Host Gaming model and how it’ll be a stepping stone to mass adoption.

Why Online Casino Gaming needs disruption?

Virtual online casino gaming is an ever-expanding business which is expected to reach $60 billion by the year 2020.The increased accessibility to the public is one prime factor contributing to this expansion.

David Roebuck of Sora Ventures joins the Host Games Advisory Board

We are pleased to announce that David Roebuck has joined the Host Games advisory board. David is a venture capitalist with an interest in blockchain technology

The Blockchain Revolution: Beyond Bitcoin

Bitcoin is, without a doubt, the trendiest and most popular virtual currency in the world, but Nobel Prize-winning economist and Princeton professor Paul Krugman doesn’t think it should be. While Bitcoin

Reason Why Host Games is Bound to Go Viral

Community is one of the most important aspects of gaming. At Host.Games, we've built our #blockchain protocol around games having a platform to go viral. Read about how this works

Here’s Why Blockchain’s Biggest Potential Lies in Gaming

Blockchain holds the key to all the issues in online gaming and is turning out to be the next big thing in the gaming industry.

WSOP Breakthroughs

Cleansing the poker industry of its underhanded past may usher untold masses into the fold. The World Series of Poker could be augmented by the blockchain.

We are happy to announce that our Telegram group is back in action

The official Host.Games Telegram group is always chiming with disucssion. Connect directly with the team by joining now.

Host.Games Telegram Group Update

A technical glitch in the Host.Games Telegram group compels us to suspend group actvitiy temporarily.

The Future of Gaming is on Blockchain

Blockchain enhances security and transparency in games, but it also exponentially accelerates industry growth. Explore how it happens.

Discover The Social Side Of Online Gaming!

Blockchain can bring online gaming communities together. Here's how the viral user acquisition model of Host.Games makes for consistently fun games.

We're Now Accepting nCash During The Host Token Sale!

The thriving blockchain community behind Nucleus.Vision becomes part of the Host.Games family. Host tokens will now accept nCash during the main sale.

Could The World’s Biggest Poker Tourney Run On The Blockchain?WSOP on Blockchain

Here's how the World Series of Poker could go through explosive growth and enhance its legitimacy by incorporating blockchain.

Seth Schorr Joins Host Games Advisory Board

Casino hospitality veteran Seth Schorr joins the Host.Games advisory board. Seth adds tremendous value to Host.Games through his vast experience in the gaming industry.

Nucleus Vision’s Abhishek Pitti Joins the Host Games Advisory Board

The driving force behind one of the most successful supply-chain blockchain projects, Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus.Vision, joins the Host.Games advisory board.

Melissa Blau Joins Host.Games Advisory Board

Melissa Blau's business expertise and gaming industry insights takes the Host.Games growth trajectory to new heights.

Why You Should Bet On The Host.Games Team?

Ambitious blockchain gaming projects like Host Games require immense focus, talent and experience. Get to know the team that makes it happen.

Amit Kanodia: How I Refused to Fold?

Find out what inspired poker pro and Host.Games CEO, Amit Kanodia, to create a platform for seamless and secure gaming experiences for everyone.

Own Your Own Casino with Host.Games

Find out what inspired poker pro and Host.Games CEO, Amit Kanodia, to create a platform for seamless and secure gaming experiences for everyone.