The Virtual Game Items Industry Can Finally be Legitimized

Everything about gaming seems to be getting bigger and better. Every year, flashier graphics are combined with better physics engines, featuring more captivating stories and improved progression systems. However, this big-budget trend has meant the industry essentially survives on micro transactions and in-game item purchases.

Host Games is Transforming the Tradition of Online Gaming. Know how:

Gaming, one of the major industries on the globe, is ripe for advancement. In 2017, the igaming market was pegged at $47.7 billion, which is expected to hit $81 billion by 2022. Yet the industry is suffering from numerous inefficiencies caused by an outdated business models that no longer fulfil the needs of modern gamers.

A Marketplace for all Gaming Assets is a Game-Changer!

When the first ping-pong game was released by Atari, decades ago, its success marked the beginning of the modern video game industry. Who would have prophesied that gaming would move to the domain of teenagers on home consoles and would eventually find its way to a wider population through smartphones and tablets?

Should Blockchain Tech Be Mandatory For Casino Gaming?

The online casino gaming industry is flourishing with no sign of slowing down. With over 2.2 billion gamers spread across the globe

Host Games: Making the gaming ecosystem 'Provably Fair'

If you love playing poker, blackjack, roulette or any of those games then transparency is something you should take seriously.

If "The House Always Wins," Why Not Own The House?

Historically, owning your own casino came with a huge barrier to entry. The average person simply didn’t have it in their cards (pun intended).