Amit Kanodia – Founder & CEO at Host Games – The Only Casino Gaming Protocol For Emerging Markets

Seasoned poker player, veteran entrepreneur and CEO of Host Games, Amit Kanodia, sheds light on the vision and fundamentals behind the blockchain gaming protocol.

Host Games Working on Casino Blockchain Protocol

The Host Games platform allows anyone to host their own mini-casino with just one click. Host Games ushers in a new era of transparency and security in the online casino industry.

Nucleus Vision’s Abhishek Pitti Invests in Host Games and Joins Its Advisory Board

Nucleus Vision CEO, Abhishek Pitti joins and invests in Host Games. His rich experience and influence in the blockchain industry is sure to add value to the Host Games project.

Amit Kanodia CEO HOST.GAMES | Next Generation Gaming powered by high speed protocol | RICH TV LIVE (Video)

Amit shares his journey from passing out as a business graduate to starting Host Games, A Decentralized platform for emerging markets.

Host Games builds blockchain protocol for online casino gaming

Host Games’ protocol offers the first complete and fully programmable gaming infrastructure. During the first phase of development, Host Games will launch a decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain that will allow anyone to host online casino games like fantasy sports, poker, slots, roulette and more.

Blockchain casino for emerging markets Host Games raises $2 million

Host Games, the casino gaming protocol for emerging markets, has announced it’s reached its $2 million soft cap in its private pre-sale for strategic investors.